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R.K.M. Sales & Consulting

At R.K.M. Sales and Consulting we have partnered with Aspire Partners to bring some of the most innovative companies in the world to provide growth, increased income, automation and efficiency to businesses worldwide.  We also have special relationships with some of the worlds greatest venture capital, family offices and private equity firms to bring unique investment opportunities to our accredited investors. Whether you are in the market to save money, become more efficient or invest in something special we can help you with your goals.  


With over 30 years of experience we can offer you the very best in B2B solutions to the small and midsized markets:

  • Workflow Automation - Specializes in crafting tailored business process automation solutions for ALL types of businesses that evolve with each unique business need.

  • Commercial Payments service - Automates companies’ Account Payables (AP), reduces AP operating expense and fraud, and generates revenue when paying suppliers.

  • Shipping Solutions - Specializes in automating, integrating, and scaling complex parcel and LTL operations while improving operational efficiencies and saving companies 10% to 20%.

  • Same-Day Pay service - An employee based digital account and transactional financial services platform provider that helps thousand of companies succeed at employee recruitment and retainment.

  • Specialized Tax Savings TMS software and program - Sources hundreds of tax credits for companies.

  • Credit Card Merchant Processing Fee Audit - 95% effective in reducing your processing fees without changing vendors.

  • Medical Underpayments - A proprietary technology system that identifies and recovers underpayments, manages denials and overpayment fines and responses, automates appeals and requests, and is a contract modeler essential in negotiating more favorable contracts.


We can offer you these services at little or no cost upfront to the business and in most cases, no cost at all.


With 30 years in the capital markets we have established relationships with Venture Capital, Private Equity and Family Offices to provide unique and much sought after investments. 

  • Private Equity

  • Last Stage pre-IPO

  • Seed

  • Private Companies

  • Real Estate

  • LPs

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